Chipboards flanges

Are you looking for an optimal solution to prevent your products from being contaminated during transport? If the answer is yes, you will already be aware of the importance of the flanges in the packaging operations. This article, in particular, is indispensable when suspended packagings are used. Thanks to the flanges, you will avoid that what is transported may have points of contact with the surface, preventing at the same time possible contamination and damage caused by carelessness in the transport of goods.
Legnobotti has chosen to dedicate an important part of its production to the production of chipboard, MDF and multilayer flanges. To ensure the high quality of this product is our choice to adopt CNC machines; the manipulation of the pieces, instead, is entrusted to robots.
The main merit of the flanges is to offer protection to the coils during transport, also revealing an economic solution. If you wish, you can request the addition of metal profiles; in this way, the greater friction exerted on the pallet will minimize the possibility of slipping.
Remember that, entrusting you to Legnobotti, you will not only be able to buy quality flanges, but also benefit from a highly personalized service tailored to your company.
Indeed, customer satisfaction has been our priority for more than 60 years.

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