Special silhouettes

The special shapes Legnobotti are wooden supports designed to support loads with irregular surfaces. These supports are custom-made by our technicians thanks to the use of cutting-edge machinery and technologies, which allow us to meet any need in the field of extraordinary packaging.
Our special wooden shapes are therefore able to guarantee the safety and stability of any irregular shaped objects during the handling, storage and transport phases.
Depending on the intended use, Legnobotti is able to design and build tripods, saddles and modular supports suitable for the most diverse uses.
Through a careful feasibility study we proceed to choose the most suitable wood for the type of packaging ordered, as well as the selection of the treatments necessary for its finishing. This allows us to provide customized packaging solutions for any type of object or product.
The special shapes of Legnobotti are indispensable tools especially for companies in the mechanical, chemical or electronic sectors that need reliable packaging for the handling of their products.
However, they can also be useful for individuals to display or store machinery, tools, works of art and other objects of any shape and size.

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